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AK Figure Series Acrylic Paint Sets

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Belonging to our Figure Series line of high quality acrylic paints these sets of six colors have been designed to offer optimal coverage when applied by brush. These paints offer the perfect balance between fusion of colors, opacity and intensity. Your figures deserve to be treated like works of art; AK offers the widest range of specialty acrylic paints for uniforms and figures of any era. Our strict formula contains the highest quality pigments, and has been strictly tested under all conditions by the best modelers. Resistant to light, AK paints offer long lasting durability for your scale figures. Paints are matte, and their covering and drying abilities are designed to maximize your potential for figure painting. High quality results with little effort or complication.

Our figure series paints can be applied by both brush and airbrush. When airbrushing we recommend diluting with 40% AK 712 thinner. Tap water can be used; however, we recommend our specific thinner AK 712 for best results.

Sets contain the following paints in 17ml bottles:
Blue Uniform Colors: Turquoise, Intese Blue, Light Blue, American Blue, Prussian Blue, Dark Blue

D.A.K. Soldier Uniforms: Desert Uniform Base, Desert Uniform Lights, Desert Uniform Shadows, Green Uniform Base, Green Uniform Lights, Green Uniform Shadows

German Field Grey Uniforms: Field Grey Base, Field Grey Base 2, Field Grey Lights, Field Grey Shadows, German Grey Uniform, German Grey Uniform Light

IDF Uniform Colors: Medium Green, Brown Black, Golden Olive, Ocher Khaki, Brown Olive Drab, Canvas Tone

Modern Desert Uniform: Faded white, Light Sand, Brown Black, Brown Leather, US Field Drab, Grey Green

Panzer Crew Black Uniform: Black Uniform Base, Black Uniform Light Base, Black Uniform Dark Light, Black Uniform High Light, Black Uniform Shadow, Black Uniform Dark Shadow.

Red Uniform Colors: Reddish Black, Orange, Vermilion Cadmium Red, Intense Red, Pale Red, Emblem Red

Soviet WWII Uniform Colors: Russian Uniform Lights, Russian Uniform Base, Russian Uniform Shadows, Russian Blue Lights, Russian Blue Base, Red Emblem

Woodland Flecktarn Camouflages: Verde claro, Medium Green, Marrón negro, Intermediate Green, Cubierta Tan, Rojo Marrón

WWII British Uniform Colors: Tan, Intermediate Green, Green Black, Red Brown, British Uniform, Light Sand

Yellow Uniform Colors: Pale Sand, Golden Yellow, Faded Yellow, Basic Intense Yellow, Chocolate Brown, AK3111 Golden Sand