Citadel Contrast Paint Review!

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Citadel Contrast Paint Review!

This is the Citadel Contast Collection Full Range!  We wanted to sample all 34 colors ourselves so we swatched them on some textured bases primed with the Corax White, Wraith Bone, and Grey Seer spray primers.  You can shop the full collection of contrast paints right here at Hard Knox Games!

We also made a quick video review of the collection.  Are they the ultimate, be all and end all of model paints?  Heck no!   But they’re a heck of a lotta fun and there are so many different ways to use them that you can’t really go wrong.  

Unless you mix them with water.   

Don’t do that.

If you want to thin these out, try using a clear acrylic medium.  The Lahmian Medium and Contrast Medium are the ones from Games Workshop, but I’d bet you a dime to a dollar you could experiment with other acrylic mediums and get great results.  Let us know if you’ve had a chance to play with these and what your thoughts are!


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